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By Julia Mitchell

Improve Your Mental Health With These 8 Outside-of-the-Box Tips

There is a lot going on in the world these days, so keeping your mental health in tip-top shape is essential. The good news is that there are many new ways that you can improve your mental health so you are ready for anything. Here at Courageous Paths, we love to help people thrive through our massage and counseling services, and we have eight other great ways to wake up feeling good every day.

1. Ask If You Can Work From Home

The first step to better mental health may be to ask your manager to get out of the office and work from home. Remote work can be helpful because there are fewer distractions and you can work without the added pressure. Plus, when you don’t have to drive to work each day, you can get the seven to nine hours of sleep you need every night and have more time to spend with your family, which is essential.

2. Declutter Your Life

If you work from home but still feel like you are constantly anxious or flustered, then it may be the condition of your house and your organizational style that may be to blame. When our home is cluttered or messy, it influences our mind because subconsciously, we feel like we are losing control of your house and surroundings. To remedy this issue, take the time to declutter your home by going room by room and removing what you no longer need. Consider donating what you remove so you can know that you are making a difference. 

3. Volunteer for a Local Charity

While you are out donating your items, consider inquiring about how you can volunteer at that organization. Whether it is a soup kitchen or a Salvation Army location, there are a lot of options, and by helping others, you will improve your own mental health. Taking a chance to help others is always a great idea.

4. Get a Release Through Yoga, Meditation, or Massage

While you may have heard of these methods of fighting anxiety, many don’t realize how beneficial taking time to yourself to meditate or practice yoga can be. It is a chance to get some physical fitness while you clear your mind. Another way to get that necessary release is through massage because it helps to reduce the tension in your body and improves blood circulation which helps to put you at ease.  

5. Adopt a Dog

Some people feel anxious or have deteriorating mental health because they don’t have the companionship that we all require, so if you don’t have a lot of friends or you live far away from family, then consider getting a dog. This is the best type of pet because they will always be there to talk to and play with and you can get great cardio by playing outside and throwing the ball around.

6. Don’t Look at Your Phone in Bed

In order to keep your body and mind in peak shape, you need to get enough sleep. However, many people have trouble falling asleep because they are looking at their cell phones. The problem is that these devices produce blue light that can disrupt our senses and keep us awake. To ensure quality shut-eye, turn off the phone and TV when you lay in bed.

7. Breathe Deeply

If you are ever feeling especially stressed, then take a beat and do some breathing exercises to calm your nerves. The easiest one involves taking a deep breath, and slowly exhaling as you count to four in your head. Try that several times and you may feel better.

8. Reach Out to a Support Line

Finally, if you feel like you are stressed on a constant basis then you should reach out to a support line to get the professional help that you need. An organization like the National Alliance on Mental Illness is a great resource where you can talk to a real person and get answers for your problems.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can work on your mental health and maintain a happy lifestyle. Here at Courageous Paths, we offer massage services as well as counseling and life coaching, which can also be a big help. If you would like to learn more, then contact us at 785-633-4343.  

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