Roadblocks That Sabotage Success

Whether in sports, fitness or just life in general, mindset, focus and preparation will determine the level of success we achieve. For some, getting to the gym and working out or getting out for a brisk walk or run is easy, right? My response to that is NO!!! I do not think it’s any easier for them than it is for anyone else. They have the same 24 hours in a day, the same busy schedule and face many of the same obstacles that we all do. What sets them apart is their mindset, focus, preparation and time management skills. Life happens to us all. It’s how we react and respond to the challenges we face that makes the difference. If you consider fitness as a “well I should” activity you are not very likely to even start. One study shows that if a person’s motivation is only to lose weight or change the shape of their body you are 40% less likely to succeed than the person who seeks to increase their overall health and well being, reduce stress or just because they enjoy the activity.

Five Suggestions for Reducing Barriers:

More is not necessarily better: Pushing yourself too soon to workout at a high intensity level or too frequently or to start where you left off several months ago is a set up for injury. Start over with the basics and move up from there.

Eliminate Excuses: Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure. We have a set time we allow for a workout and today we are running a bit late and can’t get that allotted time in the gym. Being inflexible in our mindset we excuse ourselves from the gym due to not having enough time. Once we start down the excuse slope it becomes easier to make excuses until we aren’t even going to the gym anymore.

Change Your Mindset: Your fitness goals serve as a blueprint to what you are striving for in the gym. Your motivation serves as the fuel that gets you off the couch and into the gym or other activity. Set reasonable goals then focus on accomplishing them.

Cut Yourself Some Slack (within reason): Life happens so if you have had to miss a couple of workouts don’t waste time on feeling bad or guilty. Instead, get back at it with a renewed sense of purpose.

Recap: My hope in this brief article was to help you see the value of developing a positive mindset, attitude and focus when establishing your fitness goals. These same principals apply to everyday life as well. Work to eliminate the excuses which hold you back and just take that first step. The first step is always the hardest. After that it’s about persistence and consistency.

CAUTION: Don’t take your health for granted. Once lost you may never regain it back to the same level it was before. Address your fitness needs now before you are looking back and wishing you had paid more attention to your health and well being. Always start your fitness journey by consulting your doctor FIRST. Then get off the couch, turn the TV off, get off social media and get going.

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