Three Ways to Take CBD Oil Tincture

When you purchase any CBD tincture product you may not be aware of the different ways it can be consumed. There are three ways you can consume this product and reap the best benefits possible.

  1. Directly under the tongue:  There are hundreds of capillaries under the tongue that provide a direct route of absorption to the bloodstream. This provides a faster result due to the rate of absorption. Place the liquid under the tongue and hole for 60-90 seconds then swallow.
  2. Mix it with your favorite drink: If you purchase the non-flavored tincture you can put it in your coffee, a smoothie or other favorite drink. The non-flavored tincture will not alter the taste of your drink.
  3. Apply it topically: Tincture can be applied topically to a pimple or a bug bite or something simple like that. The anti-inflammatory properties can calm the redness and sooth the irritation. I have used it for this purpose several times and it was effective.

Another question that arises occasionally is what is the difference between the 300mg and the 600mg oil tinctures? Here is a brief explanation.

The 300mg and 600mg is the amount of CBD oil contained in the bottle. There are approximately 30 servings per bottle (serving=1 dropper). There are 10mg of CBD per 300mg bottle and 20mg of CBD per 600mg bottle.

Hope this helps increase your knowledge of CBD products a bit. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me at the above number. We have a great line of tincture as well as skincare products.

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